Journalistic education in Ukraine began in the post-war period, first in Kharkiv, and then in Kyiv and Lviv. Almost simultaneously, in July-August 1953, the Faculty of Journalism was created in the Kyiv University and the Department of Journalism in the Lviv University, which a year later was reorganized into the Faculty of Journalism. Volodymyr Dmytruk was appointed as the first dean. He also headed the only department of journalism at the faculty.

For a long time the faculty had only one department. In 1971, it was divided into two: the Department of the History of Journalism and the Department of Theory and Practice of the Press, from which later (1973) the Department of Stylistics and Editing was separated. In the late 60s – early 70s, the first professors appeared at the faculty.

The history of the Faculty of Journalism is complex and controversial. The totalitarian system brutally dealt with many of the prominent professors of journalism. The young Mychailo Osadchy became a victim of repressions. Osadchy, who after long imprisonment returned back home, became a doctor of philosophy, but soon passed away.

Over the years of the faculty’s existence, more than 4 thousand specialists working in Ukraine and abroad have graduated from it. Many received various awards, became honored journalists, honored workers of culture of Ukraine, editors of respected media, heads of television and radio companies, directors of publishing houses. Many received Ph.D. degrees.