Dean’s Greeting

Greetings on the website of the Faculty of Journalism!

The Faculty of Journalism of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv today is one of the most powerful scientific and educational schools of journalism in Ukraine.

Modern journalism is a highly intellectual sphere, the romanticism of constant research and self-assertion on a difficult and sometimes dangerous path to the truth. Therefore, it needs people who are courageous and persistent, educated and devoted to noble ideals, healthy in soul and body, responsive and not indifferent to someone else’s misfortune. Many of them left the walls of the Faculty of Journalism.

Students are helped to become good specialists and find their place in the information space of Ukraine by experienced professors, who at the same time are professional journalists. We continue the constant process of formation of a free educated personality, capable of influencing the development of society, the destiny of Ukraine. Studying at Lviv University today is very prestigious, because it is one of the oldest and most powerful in Eastern Europe. Here the highest values are intelligence and talent.


Ivan Krupsky,

Dean of the Faculty of Journalism