We are preparing for the accreditation of educational programs

03.02.2023 | 18:55

While students are on vacation, teachers and heads of departments of the Faculty of Journalism of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv are completing the preparation for accreditation in NAZYAVO of two educational programs – master’s and bachelor’s. This Tuesday, a joint meeting was held, where members of the support groups together with teachers and representatives of the student body summarized what has already been done.

All departments of the Faculty of Journalism work in a coordinated manner on successful accreditation, there are clear criteria for the preparation of all documentation, the self-evaluation report, there is necessary information about the educational process and scientific and methodological work. The faculty constantly compares its programs and the content of academic disciplines with stakeholders and students, and based on their suggestions and feedback, improves and updates the content of courses.

The teachers of the faculty became participants in the trainings of the accreditation department of the Center for Quality Assurance of Education of LNU. Iryna Ivanochko, the head of the Center for Quality Assurance of Education, at the last webinar familiarized the attendees with all the requirements of the experts of the National Agency for Quality Assurance of Higher Education.

“The Faculty of Journalism has already demonstrated the successful accreditation of the educational program of the postgraduate course,” noted Andriy Yatsenko, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Journalism. – We passed it second at the university! According to 4 criteria, we received the highest grade “A” from experts!”

“Then we are working on successful accreditation of master’s and bachelor’s degrees! – continues the opinion of the guarantor of the master’s educational program, associate professor Solomiya Onufriv. – We have the potential, the activation of communication perfectly confirms this! We will do it!”

The teachers, at the suggestion of the guarantor of the undergraduate educational program, Professor Maryan Zhitaryuk, agreed to meet in a week to further coordinate their actions and exchange ideas.