Natalia Balyuk: between journalism and blogging

12.11.2022 | 09:15

Today, November 11, 2022, within the scope of the discipline “Blogosphere: Features of Content”, at the invitation of the lecturer of the course Assoc. Myroslava Stepanivna Rudyk students had an online meeting with the editor-in-chief of “High Castle” and blogger Natalia Balyuk. The students gladly joined in the communication with our guest. After all, in the educational process it is also important to involve practical experience, to know the work of a journalist and blogger from the inside.
Ms. Natalya spoke about a number of important cases that will be interesting and useful for young journalists in their future work. “The key to success is the ability to work and the desire to develop,” the guest emphasized. Students had the opportunity to listen to how the editor of the newspaper embarked on the path of media blogging on the YouTube platform, where she interviews interesting people. The content of Natalia Balyuk’s YouTube channel is very diverse. Each interview is a separate life story. The issues of the interview are very different, but always relevant: treatment of the coronavirus, war, business in difficult times, overcoming cancer, show business, relationships, life’s ups and downs, success stories, etc.
Students asked our guest a lot of questions in order to get an authoritative opinion and advice for the implementation of possible future projects. Nataliya Balyuk sincerely shared her experience, thoughts about blogging and journalism, about creating quality content, methods of preparing for interviews, star guests. She also expressed her impressions and feelings about working with the audience and directions for the development of her YouTube channel. The students had an exclusive opportunity to offer Natalia Balyuk their guest for the next interview. This is an interesting experiment, because as many people – as many opinions. However, this way of dialogue with the audience is a good factor in studying public opinion. So we are looking forward to a new interview, and in order not to miss this moment, we invite you to subscribe to the “Painful Topics” YouTube channel:
We thank Ms. Natalia for the warm and trusting conversation, learning through her own example. We wish her success in journalistic and blogging activities.
Marta Hnat, 1st year master’s student