Students of the Faculty of Journalism spoke about the war in Ukraine during the WIT webinar

13.04.2022 | 18:21

Students of the Faculty of Journalism of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Valeria Gorobets and Marta Hnat became speakers during the webinar of the international organization “World Information Transfer”, which is a consultative center at the UN.

Dr. Khrystyna Kovshevych-Durbak, President of the Kateryna Kovshevych Foundation (USA), invited the students to participate in the English-language webinar. The Faculty of Journalism has been cooperating with the Foundation for about four years.
From the first days of the war, Valeria and Marta, in addition to training and fighting on the information front, have been helping the army, volunteers and internally displaced persons.

In her report, third-year student Valeria Gorobets shared the true testimony of eyewitnesses and victims of the war in Ukraine, spoke about the specific facts of genocide, as well as the unity of Ukrainians in the defense of the state.
“Our main goal is to show the world what is happening in Ukraine, only the truth, without censorship. In the 21st century, there is no place for genocide of violence as high as that of the Russians. Every Ukrainian seeks only peace and tranquility in his native land. We have never encroached on others. We just want to get back what we lost and finally unite the country. “

Fourth-year student Marta Gnat told stories full of pain, grief and sadness. The girl is convinced that these feelings have overwhelmed every Ukrainian, and our task is to protect our own interests at the international level. It is important that the representatives of different countries resort to even tougher sanctions, so that Russia is punished as much as possible for all the crimes committed by the Russian military against Ukrainians. They must be responsible for every life lost and ruined.
“We have changed our values ​​and priorities for life. Now we have only one wish for all – for the war to end and for Ukraine to defeat the occupier. Not only men and women took up arms, but also grandparents who give their last to help our army. We will never be the same again until February 24. Our lives are changed forever. The stories of Bucha, Irpen, and Gostomel are an example of the real genocide of the Ukrainian people in the 21st century. Tortured, raped, murdered people, including children, are a tragedy that will forever be remembered by the world. The genocide perpetrated by the Russians in Ukraine may be the largest in Europe since World War II. “

“Excellent students who are Fellows of the Foundation often participate in webinars from the organization” World Information Transfer “, but for the first time received invitations as speakers, – said Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Program Coordinator Yaroslav Tabinsky. – It is important that during this international event the students reported in English. Public figures, diplomats, and high-ranking officials of leading countries had the opportunity to hear the truth about the war and the experiences of young Ukrainian women. “

In a multimedia presentation, the speakers of the Faculty of Journalism highlighted the horrors of war and the tragedy of all Ukrainians. In the presented photo illustrations and testimonies – the unbiased truth about the war in Ukraine from the most authoritative foreign media.
Viewing the webinar in the record is available by calling: