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Founded: February 1st, 2012 at the Faculty of Journalism Ivan Franko national University of Lviv.


History: the Department focuses its educational and scientific activities on the preparation of masters of “Internet Journalism” specialization. It is connected to the fact that online journalism has a number of obvious technological differences from traditional media, noticeable on the stages of data collection, texts preparation and distribution of materials (multimedia, interactivity, personalization, etc.).

In fact, the key goal of the New Media Department is to organize an educational process aimed at the development of students’ ability to prepare quality multimedia materials. Therefore, the educational range of the Department’s work is quite wide: from the online journalist’s methods of work to online advertising.


Courses and study: the educational and scientific interests of the Department cover a wide range of issues: from the basics of online journalism and multimedia storytelling, through its formats and tools to the philosophy of new media and social media criticism.

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General Chuprynka, 49, room 109. Lviv


Contact us: 239-44-84



Instagram: new_media_lnu


ДоцентPavlo AleksandrovДоцент
ДоцентNatalia GaborДоцент
ДоцентIryna MarushkinaДоцент
ДоцентYuriy ZaliznyakДоцент
АсистентYuliana LavryshАсистент
АсистентSvitlana ZhabyukАсистент

Викладацький розклад

Методичні матеріали

Часопис “Медіакритика” – кафедра нових медій спільно з Інститутом екології масової інформації (за ред. Доц. Габор Н.Б.);
Практичний посібник “Залізна правда наживо” – доц. Залізняк Ю.Б.
Колективна монографія “Нові медіа в традиційному комунікативному контексті” – за ред. проф. Потятиника Б.В.



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