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The history of the Department of Theory and Practice of Journalism dates back to 2005. Employees train journalists for the press, newspapers and magazines, advertising and media marketing departments. Teachers of the department Professor Krupsky IV associate professors MP Prysyazhny, YP Vaskivsky, ZE Dmitrovsky, Lozynsky MV, IM Lubkovich, IM Sklenar, BS Tychologist, assistants Yu.N. Vytvytska, MV Mishchenko, NO Voitovych, OB Maevsky, MS Rudik, K.P. Turkevich, Yu.O. Yatsykovich, I.O. Pykus, N.M. Dzomba, I.I. Nironovych, E.O. Sklyarenko, T.Ya., T.Ya. Viytovych, N.R. Gadjo, studies a wide range of media in modern society, the organization of their work, economics and management of the media, legal and ethical foundations of journalism, theory and methods of journalistic creativity.

Leading disciplines of the Department of Theory and Practice of Journalism:
“Theory and Practice of Journalism”, “Legal Norms of Journalism”, “Journalistic Ethics”, “Audiovisual Journalism”, “Fundamentals of Market Economy”, “Intellectual Property”, “Introduction to Journalism”, “Organization of Editorial and Journalist Work”, “ Theory and Practice of Advertising ”,“ Problems of Theory of Journalism ”,“ Psychology of Literary Creativity ”,“ Jurisprudence ”,“ Social Communications ”;

special courses:
“Management in Journalism”, “Satire and Humor in the Press”, “Modern Ukrainian Business Press”, “Marketing in Journalism”, “Secretariat of the Modern Newspaper”, “Organization of the Press Service”, “Political Image in the Structure of the Communication Space” , “Sports Journalism”, “Management in Publishing”, “Peculiarities of a Journalist’s Work in a News Agency”, “European Football and Media Championship”, “Advertising Psychology”, etc.


Teachers of the department in 2009 completed work on “Ways to increase the effectiveness of modern journalism”, Science. head MP Prysyazhny. The department plans to work on the topic for 2010-2013 – “Ukrainian media and problems of national identity: history, status, prospects.”


The department annually organizes an all-Ukrainian student scientific-practical conference.


Професор (сумісник)Ivan KrupskyyПрофесор (сумісник)
ДоцентYuriy VaskivskyyДоцент
АсистентNatalia DzombaАсистент
АсистентBohdan GudzАсистент
АсистентNatalia HadoАсистент
АсистентKateryna TurkevychАсистент
Старший лаборантKhrystyna BerdakСтарший лаборант

Викладацький розклад

Методичні матеріали



Publishing activity

Salo I. Lviv Babylon. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 2010. – 350 p.

On the inability of the Lviv region authorities to resolve social

economic and political problems of today.


Salo I. Football … with tears. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 2007. – 542 p.

On the history and formation of Ukrainian and Polish football (on the occasion of their 110th anniversary)


Alexander Serafin – American millionaire from the Old Village: artistic

documentary story. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 2006. – 270 p.

About a prominent representative of Ukrainian emigration to the United States


Salo I. Sheriffs of the Ukrainian police. – Lviv: “Space M”, 2004. – 238 p.

About the best district police inspectors of Ukraine


Salo I. Works: Volume 3. – Journalism. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 2002. – 464 p.


Salo I. Works: Volume 2. – Stories. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 2000. – 452 p.


Salo I. Works: Volume 1. – Stories, short stories, sketches, essays. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 1999. – 440 p.

Salo I. “Karpaty” Lviv. – Lviv: Kamenyar, 1990. – 166 p.

About sports feats, liquidation and revival of the football team “Karpaty Lviv”


Salo I. Tomorrow morning: story, short story. – Київ: Молодь, 1985. – 128 с.

About the events of the Second World War and the life of the modern generation


Salo I. Path: short stories. – Київ: Молодь, 1981. – 120 с.

About the events of the post-war years of the western Ukrainian village


18.05.2022 | 08:48

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, the Department of Media Language invites you to a meeting of the scientific seminar
“The language of the Russian-Ukrainian war-2022: new terms, concepts, concepts” for the Day of Science at the University!
Beg. at 13.00, aud. 209.

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Conditions for submitting applications for additional points to the scholarship rating

17.05.2022 | 11:32

We recommend students to get acquainted with the Rules for awarding academic scholarships at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Annex №2 of these rules at the link:
Students who apply for an additional point for certain achievements during the semester (scientific, social, creative, sports activities) must complete the registration application by May 31, 2022:
Describe your own achievements in the proposed questionnaire and attach the necessary documents (copies of diplomas, certificates, scientific publications, etc.) in the form...

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Students of the Faculty of Journalism spoke about the war in Ukraine during the WIT webinar

13.04.2022 | 18:21

Students of the Faculty of Journalism of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Valeria Gorobets and Marta Hnat became speakers during the webinar of the international organization “World Information Transfer”, which is a consultative center at the UN.
Dr. Khrystyna Kovshevych-Durbak, President of the Kateryna Kovshevych Foundation (USA), invited the students to participate in the English-language webinar. The Faculty of Journalism has been cooperating with the Foundation for about four years.
From the first days of the war, Valeria and Marta...

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Learning format

08.02.2022 | 20:33

We begin the 2nd semester of 2021/22 academic year. in the remote format until February 25. The form of training after February 25 will be announced later

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